Soothing Facial Massage Oil 35 ml (1.18 fl.oz.)

  • Not tested on animals
  • No nasties
  • Made in NZ
  • Carbon Neutral

$37.00 NZD


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An extraordinary blend of precious plant oils and anti-aging plant extracts especially suitable for sensitive skins, that helps to reduce inflammation and irritation. The beautiful colour and scent of this 100% natural product comes from an extract of the German chamomile flower.

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Marta W Wrote:

This is lovely to use whether you take the time to massage or not and it leaves my skin glowing

Juliet J Wrote:

It's such a pleasant product to use. It's very emollient and... well - oily, but in a good way. Some other oils are kind of dry and absorb really really fast, while I find Snowberry's very hydrating...I wake with my eyes rested and the skin dewy after using Snowberry 's Massage oil

Jessica J Wrote:

I love how pure and silky this feels. I love it so much that I even use it as a daily moisturizer- . Not only does it soothe my skin, but it feels like a refreshment drink for my skin! Smells amazing and feels like a pearly silk liquid that pampers my skin. My skin not only glows, but my skin basks in the glory of this amazing facial oil.

Jean J Wrote:

I fell in love with this new, all-natural New Zealand line, Snowberry, because I was already wildly in love with the work of British artist Rob Ryan, whose art covers the boxes and the bottles. But this clear, blue-green, antioxidant-packed, super-light yet super-moisturizing face oil would be amazing even if it were not decorated with a little person sitting on a twig full of hearts and birds: It sinks in instantly, smells amazing (like ginger and citrus and something faintly Christmasy). *The price, I would note, compared with that of most other all-natural super-fabulous face oils, could not be more right!

Chrissie M Wrote:

I know what you may be thinking “An oil on my face? No way”. Don’t think of it as an oil, its more like a serum. It easily absorbs into your skin, smells amazing and leaves your skin glowing and fresh.
I am OBSESSED with Snowberry’s Soothing Facial Massage Oil and Soraya’s technique. I have been doing it every other day for 2 weeks and my skin looks and feels soft, subtle and smooth to the touch. My advice ladies: next time ditch the needle and try some natural healing with a daily facial massage to keep your skin glowing, fresh and youthful!

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