Harakeke plant on a white background
New Zealand Flax plant used in Snowberry's products


Harakeke, also known as New Zealand Flax is the name given by the indigenous Maori. The Harakeke bush can grow up to around 3 meters high, with long strap-like leaves filled with gel and vibrant red flowers that turn into dark seed pods at the end of the flowering season.

Harakeke plants were of great value to the Maori and their culture, with extensive traditional uses including clothing, rope, woven baskets and medicinal uses. Each village (Iwi) had its own plantation of New Zealand Harakeke flax and a prayer was traditionally said before harvesting elements of the plant for use.


The leaves, sap, and gel of the Harakeke bush have been used by the Maori for centuries, but only recently the benefits of the oil from the seeds have been discovered.

This natural liquid gold is a luxurious moisturizer that features a multitude of anti-aging skin care ingredients, including vitamin E, phytosterols, anti-oxidants, and omega fatty acids (20% oleic acid and 70% linoleic acid).

The phytosterols in New Zealand Flax seed oil help to ease redness and irritation, while the oil’s antioxidants contribute to fighting surface free radicals.

Harakeke plant and oils on a white background

Watch here as Snowberry's Dr. Trav as he explains how Harakeke Seed Oil is harvested and processed at the Snowberry Gardens and why this is such an excellent skincare ingredient.

Harakeke plants in Snowberry Gardens


At Snowberry Gardens, we have over 5,000 Harakeke plants that flower between November and February flooding the gardens with vibrant orange red flowers. By March, the flowers dry and the seed pods are ready to be harvested and separated by a unique artisanal method. The light-weight seeds are then cold pressed to produce 100% pure virgin Harakeke seed oil.

Watch the entire life cycle of our end to end artisanal process of how we harvest and process Harakeke Seed Oil, right here on the Snowberry Gardens

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Youth Renewing Face Serum with eProlex™ 30ml (1.01 fl.oz.)

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Nourishing Lite Cream 50ml (1.70 fl.oz.)

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New Radiance Face Serum 50ml (1.69 fl.oz.)

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Smoothing Eye Serum 15ml (0.50 fl.oz.)

$69.00 NZD

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