Why not just bung them in?

two scientist in a lab chatting

There are peptides, anti-oxidants, humectants, anti-inflammatory, anti-glycation and other ingredients that can help to correct uneven skin tone. The problem is getting them into the skin so that they can do the job we want - and simply adding them into a serum or cream formulation, simply doesn't work. And the reason for that is that the skin is a very effective barrier. The skin is extremely good at preventing harmful micro-organisms, pollutants and allergens for example, from penetrating through the dead outer layer of skin in the epidermis and into the underlying dermal tissue. This also means it keeps out many of the ingredients we know will help to smooth and strengthen your skin. That's why Dr Badenhorst and Patrick are absorbed by that little glass bulb with the blue liquid. What they are looking at is a peptide in the process of being 'encapsulated' in a process unique to Snowberry. And when that process is completed, in this equipment called a rotary evaporator, the peptide will be able to be added to a serum but now it will be in a form that the skin welcomes! It's a very important step towards creating the Super Serum. It is what makes Snowberry a pioneer in the development of anti-ageing skin care that actually works! 

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