The New Radiance Face Serum v. The 'Super Serum'

Snowberry's New Radiance Face Serum

Some people are already asking - will the new 'Super Serum' be even better than the New Radiance Face Serum? It's a good question. Unfortunately, we can only say, in some ways yes, and in some ways no. The New Radiance Face Serum is quite possibly the most effective anti-wrinkle serum in the world. We can say that because we search the scientific literature - the dermatological journals in which gold standard clinical trials are published, and we've yet to find a single product trial that shows better anti-wrinkle performance that the New Radiance Face Serum. Apart from that of course, by the time we had completed 5 years research and development at the University of Auckland, we knew that the CuPEP in the Serum, did exactly what we wanted. The skin remodelling peptide, copper tripeptide-1, was transported into the cellular matrix where it could help to stimulate the skin's natural production of collagen and elastin. However, we were constrained to produce the serum as the gel you are familiar with. This is great for most skin and it's perfect for CuPEP, but in order to produce a serum that could carry different bio-actives, we needed a different kind of delivery system - and that's the difference with the 'Super Serum.' It's not completed yet, so please be patient! But it's getting closer. So, the New Radiance Face Serum will always be a perfect anti-wrinkle serum for many people, but the 'Super Serum' will have a wider range of functions because it will carry more active ingredients. We'll tell you more about all that soon...  

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