“Super Honey” of NZ – The Superior Benefits of Kanuka Honey

blocks of kanuka honey next to harakeke plants

What are the superior benefits of kanuka honey extract in skincare products?

Crafted by the worker bees at Snowberry Gardens, Kanuka honey is a wonderful anti-ageing ingredient because it contains very special compounds called arabinogalactans (AGP’s); and Kanuka has the highest AGP content of any New Zealand honey (including Manuka honey), and is therefore superior to Manuka for skincare issues. AGP is important because it has powerful anti-inflammatory properties, and persistent inflammation from conditions such as acne, eczema and rosacea is exceedingly detrimental to radiant skin.

The active ingredients in Kanuka Honey (AGPs) are the proteins found in the cell walls of the plants.  They are involved in many cellular processes including cell division and cell death.  A study was conducted to check the stimulatory effect of Kanuka Honey on the immune system.  Tests concluded that Kanuka Honey contained a compound that could stimulate the cells of the immune system to release cytokines from the immune system called macrophages.  The cytokines are proteins that contribute to wound healing and repair, or inflammation, indicative of an infection.  These compounds also come into the honey as they are present in the nectar of the Kanuka flowers.

Kanuka Honey also has a compound in it called Hydrogen Peroxide that gives it an anti-microbial activity.This happens because of the oxidation power of hydrogen peroxide.  It is able to destroy the DNA of the bacteria present.In contrast, production of hydrogen peroxide is suppressed in Manuka Honey due to the presence of methylglyoxal in Manuka Honey.  The major antibacterial activity of Kanuka Honey is due to the hydrogen peroxide it contains.  It has been shown that this ingredient can completely help in getting rid of bacteria such as E.Coli and S.aureus.

Snowberry Gardens’ Kanuka Honey harvesting and extraction process is unique

The problem with all honeys, is that they are sticky, and the conventional way of eliminating the stickiness, can alter the active ingredient so that it is rendered largely ineffective. We have now solved that problem.

Snowberry's proprietary methods of inclusion of Kanuka Honey to its products eliminates the sticky nature of honey while maintaining many of the key actives without denaturing those actives in the process.

This is a time-consuming effort that requires careful removal of the bees from the honey comb and highly specialised equipment and expertise. All of this is supported by Snowberry's in-house capability and collaboration with external research institutes.

bee farm where Snowberry harvest the kanuka honey

Snowberry products containing Kanuka honey extract

In addition to the extraordinarily potent, skin-remodelling copper tripeptide-1 (CuPEP™), and the hydrating sodium hyaluronate, the New Radiance Face Serum, which may be the only anti-ageing serum in the world proven by an independent gold standard clinical trial (which showed it reduced wrinkle volume by an average of 25.6%!), now contains high-performance AGP from the kanuka honey harvested in the Snowberry Gardens. And for more radiant skin, that’s a breakthrough! This is actually a very exciting development because it has taken several years to perfect a technology to bring our kanuka honey extract into the Serum.  And not only that, Snowberry's New Radiance Serum was also the only anti-ageing serum in the world invited to be presented to the 23rd World Congress of Dermatology in Vancouver.    

If you’d like to include other Kanuka Honey skincare in your daily regimen, try our Nourishing Rich Cream, Rejuvenating Night Cream or Gentle Cleanse and Tone Soft Foaming Cleanser.

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