Science or Puffery?

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The most important thing to know about skin care claims, is that there is actually only one scientific test that can be relied on. It is called a 'gold standard' clinical trial. What this means is that the product itself (and not just an ingredient), has been tested on a valid sample of people. I.e. it has been tested on 'real human skin.' Further, it means that the clinical trial has been performed independently of the company making the skin care product; and it means also that neither the researcher nor the people in the clinical trial, know whether the product or a placebo has been applied for the trial period (which is at least 28 days long). Only the scientist who actually evaluates the measurements before and after the trial knows who used which i.e. the product or the placebo. And just in case you are unfamiliar with the term, 'placebo' refers to the product minus its active ingredients. The results of the trial are then statistically validated. This means that any other scientist - or indeed anyone, will know that the trial result is unlikely to have been due to chance. In other words, it is a reliable indicator of what would happen if the trial was replicated over and over. You can see that a gold standard trial is a very demanding test - and it should be! The great irony is that almost no skin care company does a gold standard trial before claiming all sorts of wonderful results for their product. Why? Because in cosmetics it simply isn't a regulatory requirement. For you, as a consumer, this makes choosing a product pretty difficult because the fact is, most claims are simple puffery. There are two anti-wrinkle serums in the market that have been proven by gold standard clinical trial. They are Snowberry's New Radiance Face Serum and Snowberry's Intensive Renewal Face Serum. You can read more about the serums on this website - but if you have any specific queries we may be able to help with them, contact us.   

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