No. 1 Anti-ageing Tip

aa picture on how the sun affects the ageing of the skin

The sun's rays damage skin in two ways. First, UVB causes sunburn and will lead to inflammation and pigmentation issues. Second, the longer UVA rays that don't burn but do penetrate deep into the dermis, damage the structural proteins collagen and elastin and DNA, and can instigate skin cancer. We all know we must 'slip slop, slap' on the sunscreen in summer. But many of us neglect to do so when cold weather returns. This despite the fact that like rust. UV never sleeps! So, remember to apply your sunscreen every day and all-year. 

 Snowberry has created two exceptional sunscreens. Exceptional because they are 100% natural but feel light, non-greasy and won't whiten your skin. Exceptional too because they will not damage the environment in the way that typical chemical screens such as Oxybenzone will kill coral.

And one more thing, an SPF15 properly applied, blocks around 93% of UVB light. An SPF50 blocks around 97%. Unless you are going to be outdoors for long periods, an SPF15 provides good protection.

Also read our other blog about the difference between SPF 50 and SPF 30 here.

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