How Snowberry Is Helping The Climate Emergency

a badge saying winner of excellence in climate action 2019 above snowberry's products

How Snowberry is helping the Climate Emergency

Snowberry, the ‘biggest carbon loser’ at the 2019 Enviro-mark Solutions Awards

We have some very exciting news!! Snowberry has just won the Enviro-Mark Solutions Excellence in Climate Action Award, Product Carbon Category, for reducing the product carbon emissions of our full product lifecycle by a whopping 79% from our base year 2012/2013, and as such, was the 'biggest carbon loser'!

Not an easy feat to achieve, the product carbon category requires measurement and reduction of all carbon emissions involved in sourcing ingredients, manufacturing the products and delivering them to customers, and as such, is even harder to achieve than the organisation awards.

How did we do this?
By streamlining the number of ingredients in our products and choosing only those with low emissions, choosing to grow several ingredients at our bio-discovery plantation ( Snowberry Gardens) instead of importing them, reducing processing temperatures and times, and ensuring every product is certified carboNZeroTM .

Says Mark Henderson, Operations Manager of Snowberry and the driver behind Snowberry's carboNZeroTM progamme, "We are hugely excited and honoured to have won the Climate Action – Product Carbon Footprint award as the ‘biggest loser’... this acknowledgement gives us real cause to continue to strive to lose even more!"

Snowberry was also acknowledged by both the Minister for Climate Change and the Associate Minister of Health, who congratulated all the winners of this year’s Enviro-Mark Solutions Awards for the outstanding work in reducing carbon emissions.

“The organisations who are being celebrated for their significant emissions reductions show what can be done, no matter the size of your organisation, and their stories offer encouragement to the rest of us who want to play our part in Aotearoa New Zealand’s transition to a low emissions future,” Climate Change Minister, James Shaw, said.

What does this mean for Snowberry customers?
When you use Snowberry you know you are helping to counter climate change, the biggest threat to nature and humanity in the 21st Century according to WWF. 

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