Got Sensitive Skin?

a close up of a sensitive skin of an older woman

Studies show that around 40% of us have sensitive skin. Further, that more than 20% of us will react to one or more skin care products each year. It's a pain! What to do? If sensitivity leads to a skin condition such as dermatitis or rosacea, then a dermatologist should be consulted. However, more typically, persistent break-outs, rashes and mild reddening are symptomatic. In this case, a very important step is to ensure that you are not using a foaming cleanser containing sodium laureth sulphate or toners with isopropyl alcohol for example. These products will heighten skin sensitivity by damaging the skin's natural barrier function, which means that pollutants, microbes and allergens are able to enter the epidermis, which leads to the skin's inflammatory response. By impairing the barrier it also leads to accelerated dryness. Check out Snowberry's cleansers - they are specifically designed to support the barrier function. 

Also read about why you should choose a gentle cleanser here.

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