A very big change!

Soraya Hendesi founder of Snowberry on a white background

Late last week, Snowberry was acquired by the Procter and Gamble Company. Some of you will, quite naturally ask, why? It really is quite simple. Snowberry has invested in original science, and bio-discovery through our Snowberry Gardens for several years. As you will understand, that is very expensive and very hard work, and frankly, we've been stretched by that effort for years! Through that science, we have discovered world-first ways of making truly effective anti-ageing skin care. But the challenge is in getting it to customers, like you, with the information that will help you to better understand what we've done.

We've never believed that Snowberry was a comfortable fit in skin care - and that's because we don't pretend; we carry out exceptional clinical testing that few, if any other skin care brands do; and we strive to do everything as authentically as we can - for you. Now, we want to do even better - and we have some extraordinarily exciting new product plans - but we needed help. Our discussions with the people at P&G have gone on for many months, and everything we have learned about that company, enormous though it is, is that the people are as committed to better skin care, as we! P&G can help Snowberry do better in ways we could only have dreamed about. And by the way, Snowberry here in New Zealand is unchanged. We're the same team, doing the same things, only with access to some of the world's best skin science. 

We're very, very proud that out of the many hundreds of skin care brands, P&G selected Snowberry. We hope you will be too!

Also read about our effort in helping the climate emergency here.

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