Snowgerry Garden full of Harakeke plants and other trees


Snowberry’s home is New Zealand. A remote group of islands deep in the South Pacific, New Zealand, or Aotearoa, as it was named by the indigenous Maori, is a land of unusual beauty, stretching from sub tropical climes into some of the world’s magnificent fiords. A land of sparkling lakes, snow capped mountains, and a rich and unique rainforest. New Zealand is truly a natural wonderland. It is a source of inspiration, and new-to-the-world bio actives. It is a natural home for Soraya’s Snowberry. Here at Snowberry Gardens, north of Auckland, we sustainably source our unique New Zealand ingredients and design our skin care range.

two beautiful women harvesting harakeke plants


At Snowberry Gardens, we sustainably source, grow and harvest our unique New Zealand ingredients that exclusively create our skin care range. These rare ingredients can only be found in New Zealand, and have been carefully selected to deliver maximum potency and results for your skin:

  • Kanuka Flowers and our resident bees produce Kanuka Honey: which helps reduce redness, calm and hydrate the skin.
  • Harakeke Flowers have “black gold” seeds which are cold pressed on site to give Harakeke Seed Oil: rich in Omega 3 and 6 to build the skin barrier.

Find out more about each of our powerful NZ ingredients.

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The Snowberry Gardens house our eco-friendly, 100% off-grid BioShed.  The BioShed is where we produce our proprietary dermal delivery systems CuPEP and eProlex and also where the extraction and processing of our Harekeke Seed Oil and Kanuka Honey takes place. 

The BioShed also houses a small batch laboratory, the home of our new product development and continuous research into the beneficial botanicals plants on the Gardens. 

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