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We at Snowberry believe in taking responsibility for your skin and our planet. We celebrate natural beauty, giving you strong resilient skin from within so you can celebrate that natural radiant glow. And in everything we do at Snowberry, we want to leave the planet better than how we found it - sustainable, carbon neutral and cruelty free. 

Cruelty free, period.

No nasties, just clean formulas.

Carbon Neutral in
everything that we do.

Made in New Zealand.

blocks of kanuka honey sourced naturally


We are more than just natural skincare. Snowberry brings the best that nature offers, but we boost it with science to give results without harming you or the environment. The perfect blend of rare, handpicked New Zealand botanical ingredients from the Snowberry Gardens, with clinically proven peptides. The result – naturally glowing, resislent skin. 


Snowberry brings the best of nature and science while still being gentle and safe for your skin. Skincare you can trust. Our Snowberry serums have results proven effective by independent clinical tests and are dermatologist tested. Cruelty free, with no nasties in our formulations.

a list of ingredients NOT included in any of Snowberry's products
a forest in new zealand


Natural, sustainably cultivated, carbon neutral. We are committed to changing things for the better – to making a positive difference for the planet and leave the planet better than how we found it.

It is our ethos to be carbon neutral at every point in Snowberry - from selection of ingredients, sustainable harvesting and production, to export, point of sale, and embodied emissions of the products without detriment to the environment. Snowberry is the first New Zealand skin care company to achieve CarboNZeroCert™ certification for each of its products (you will see the CarboNZero™ logo on each Snowberry carton). This accreditation means that Snowberry can measure and report its carbon footprint with a confidence that has been verified against a global standard and is accepted in 50 major world economies. In 2019, Snowberry was awarded Winner of Excellence in Climate Action by Enviro-mark for reducing its carbon footprint of its products by 79%.

“The commitment we made as a team to be environmentally sustainable, simply reflected our personal values. We all have children and as far as we were concerned, Snowberry had to be environmentally sustainable for their sakes. Being carbon neutral is a huge part of that because it is at the heart of climate change. There is no bigger issue in the world today. If we don’t get that right, nothing else will matter.” Soraya Hendesi, Snowberry founder.


And we do not stop there. On this 22 hectare Snowberry plantation, we have dedicated a spot called our Snowberry Carbon Block. With our promise to being carbon neutral in everything that we do, we ensure we do our part by sowing back into the environment, in line with leaving the planet better than how we found it. Every month, we will plant more New Zealand native plants and flora to offset the carbon emissions that the Snowberry family has emitted. See ariel footage of the Carbon Block (when it was first created in 2019) below

a plaque with snowberry carbon block written on it inside of a heart

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